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Habitat for Humanity: There’s No Place Like Home

“It was either buy groceries or pay rent,” says Holly Monteith, a mother who was struggling to find a safe and affordable place to call home here in Northern Michigan.

Her husband, Kyle Monteith has served the country for 9 years and they were jumping from home to home until they sought help.

Before contacting the Grand Traverse Region Habitat for Humanity this family was looking at all of their housing options.

“We were looking at hotel rooms to rent week by week because we couldn’t find anything affordable,” Holly says.

The Monteith family is part of the Veteran Build Program which allows vets and their families the chance to be homeowners by cutting down building costs and helping them with resources. This family is putting their own sweat equity into this Maple City home and this dream of becoming homeowners is slowly becoming a reality.

“We still don’t believe that this is happening but we’re out here every weekend working away at it,” Holly says.

Project Manager Nathan Kalchik says, “They (veterans) dedicate a portion of their life for us and the least we can do is volunteer and work towards you know helping them have a house.”

The Grand Traverse Region of Habitat for humanity is anticipating on finishing this build in May. If you want more information on this initiative or are interested in volunteering 

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