Cheboygan County Man Charged With Pointing Gun at Family of Snowmobilers

A Cheboygan County family is struggling to come to grips after they say a man pointed a gun at them while they were snowmobiling.

Michael Young is now charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.

The situation all started Sunday night.

That’s when deputies say they were called to the area around Page Road and Truscott Drive in Cheboygan County’s Grant Township.

A group of family members were out for a family snowmobile ride over the weekend, they were making their way to the Twin Lakes area, when they were cut off by another man on a snowmobile.

“I came from the back [of the group] with my youngest daughter and saw they were all stopped and my nephew had his hands up and I was like what’s going on and who’s this other guy and when I got closer I could see he had a hand gun on my nephew,” Alleged Victim Warren Chamberlain, said.

Chamberlain says the guy holding his 11 year-old nephew at gun point was Michael Young.

“I got in between my nephew and the guy pointing the hand gun and I just said listen you are not shooting any kids here, you ain’t going to shoot me and I told him I was going to turn around and let these kids go and he just kept screaming and screaming,” Chamberlain, said.

Chamberlain says he signaled for the rest of his family to leave while he stood between them and the gun.

“They all proceeded to go and he was still shouting and pointing the handgun. I couldn’t understand a word he said, and he slid the action back on the hand gun and that really scared me a lot and I thought that was it,” Chamberlain, explained.

Chamberlain says he turned around slowly and road back down to where his family was and they called police.

“It hit me when I got home and the kids said their story, worried about their dad, that’s when it hits you,” Chamberlain, added.

Young was charged in court Tuesday.

Police say the family did go onto Young’s private property, but Young’s alleged response was out of line.

“What we found is that he is the property owner, but it’s a trail that snowmobilers had used for many years, the individuals who were snowmobiling were not aware that he had an issue with them going down that trail and so they  were totally caught off guard, this is absolutely the wrong way to handle this situation,” Cheboygan County Sheriff Dale Clarmont, said.

Young will be back in court next week, if convicted on all charges, he could face up to six years in prison.