MSU to Setup New ‘Healing Fund’ for the Victims of Larry Nassar

Michigan State University says it will set up a new fund to help the victims of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse.

This comes after the university’s former interim president, John Engler, froze the support fund last summer.

MSU’s Board of Trustees wants to setup the new fund very quickly.

It could be finalized sometime this week.

This fund is also separate from the $5 million legal settlement the university made with the victims.

This “healing fund” will help cover the cost of therapy.

“It became very obvious and evident that we needed to get something up and running quickly so that the mental health and counseling needs can be met immediately…they will get reimbursed since the fund had closed” said MSU Board of Trustee’s chair Dianne Byrum.

The original fund reached $10 million before it was frozen by Engler.

The board yet to decide how much money will be in the new one.