Wellness For The Family: Heart Happy Health Tips

It’s never too late or early in life to make heart health a priority.

Beyond nutrition and exercise, Registered Dietitian Grace Derocha, with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, has other steps you can take to keep your heart happy.

“We are talking about health and nutrition, and all of these things that we have to do, when there are so many other things that can keep our heart happy, like our families,” she says.

With that in mind, Derocha has a list of things that can make your heart happy:

The power of no

“(This) is something that can let us take a step back, take a deep breath, manage some stress, and do the things that we actually really love to do,” Derocha says. “And sometimes focusing on that can really be a good thing for stress reduction, managing our health and lowering our blood pressure. And all of those things keep us happy and healthy.”

Focusing on your well-being and mental health

“Things like journaling, remembering to be grateful, taking the time to write a thank you card,” Derocha says. “Music is also a great one. We were talking about these (Himalayan Salt Lamps) earlier, I’m not sure about the health benefits, but I do know that the orangey glow when you plug these in makes the room feel warm, relaxing, there’s something about it.”

A little bit of wine

“Up here in Northern Michigan, we love our wine, and having wine in moderation is also actually something that is good for your heart health,” Derocha says.


“Whether that be yoga, or anaerobic or aerobic activity as we’ve talked about,” Derocha says.


“Reading books instead of being in front of the screen all of the time,” Derocha says. “The diffuser with essential oils—smells from oils, or really taking the time to enjoy a meal and food and find some really heart happy love in that. Bake something that spreads the love in scent and in taste.”

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