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Valentine’s Day: Spreading Love Through Song

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When you think of Valentine’s Day you probably think of flowers, chocolates and romance. For some Northern Michigan families, it’s more about celebrating community love. 

A small intimate group surprised residents at the French Manor Assisted living facility to serenade them with love songs, candy and handmade Valentines.

“I think it touches everyone no matter what age they are,” says Miriam Pico Younce, the founder of Mindful and Musical.

Seniors like Ed Wall have been looking forward to this event. Not just for the singing but for the companionship. “I’m a lousy singer but I make some noise. It’s just very entertaining – it’s fun.”

Ed was so excited to have the families come visit for Valentine’s Day that he made it a point to stash some mini chocolate boxes in his walker compartment. “I love the kids! I got all these goodies for them.”

“I love when the music has an additional purpose besides just bringing joy and bringing awareness. Making children just see others in a positive, beautiful light,” says Miriam Pico Younce.

If you want more information on either of the organizations involved in this sweet exchange, click below:


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