Tyson Travels: Lost Dog Makes His Way More Than 70 Miles to Rogers City

Have you seen this dog?

Tyson has been on the run since the summer, but there’s hope he could be home soon.

In his young life, Tyson has not been known to stay in one place. He ran from his last owner in July and has been on the move throughout Northern Michigan since.

But with some help, a group of women think they’re close to bringing him home.

Marsha Skop took Tyson home last July.

“I expressed interest in adopting him and he wasn’t making much progress in the shelter so we took him on. We had him for six days before he managed to slip us,” Skop, said.

She posted for help online.

“We were getting sightings of him every day,” Skop, said.

Most saw Tyson hanging around Otsego County.

“Early September was the last for-sure sighting and he kind of just dropped off the radar for the last few months,” Skop, added.

Marsha began to lose hope, for nearly four months there were no credible sightings of Tyson that is until she received multiple calls from women in Rogers City, around 70 miles away from where Tyson went missing.

“People had been seeing a dog located around here. My friend Julie said, you know maybe it’s that dog from Gaylord that went missing, so as she’s looking it up and asking all these people what kind of dog they’ve seen and everybody was like oh yeah thats him, that’s him’,” Nancy Tulgestka, said.

A tattered leash was the dead giveaway.

“It was him. I cried, tears, lots of excitement,” Marsha, said.

Though he was tough to catch.

Nancy put out some food in the woods near her home.

“I put it out there along with some water and it was gone in the morning so we decided to put a dog house out there,” Tulgestka, explained.

The next day they checked their trail cameras.

“And there was Tyson,” Tulgestka added.

For the last three weeks Nancy and her friends have been keeping him fed.

“We save our scraps and the community is donating dog food bags, they bring it in all the time. Tyson is our beloved mascot right now,” Kortman’s Restaurant Owner Marie Mulka, said.

He comes back to the same spot every night, and that’s the goal.

They are now setting up a humane trap but it could take weeks.

“We’re totally in love with that dog, all the women in town and some men, everybody knows Tyson so we do want him back, we want him safe,” Mulka, added.

And what happens if they do catch Tyson?

“We’re going to have a parade probably,” Mulka, said.

The group is warning people to not chase or try and catch Tyson if they see him, letting him be will be the best way to get him home.

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