Special Report: Superhero on the Slopes

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of duties.

However, you may not know about one superhero who calls northern Michigan home.

Every year, skiers and snowboarders fill northern Michigan’s many ski resorts, but one man stands out from the rest.

Caberfae Peaks Mountain Operations Manager Tim Meyer says, “It was several years ago, many years ago, but this character would come through the lift line.”

Andrew Richards often skis at Caberfae Peaks and says, “I’ve seen him up here all the time. He’s a regular. Everyone loves him up here.”

Covered by mask and cape, he’s Batman of the Slopes.

“I have gauntlets that are actually functional. I have my communication with Gotham City and my utility belt,” explained Batman.

Very few know who he is, or where he came from so we decided to investigate.

It turns out, he has a very simple mission.

Batman tells us, “Helping people, I actually really enjoy coming up to people and helping them up. I guess I would say I’m fighting bad attitudes. Negativity on the ski hill is my Joker.”

Putting smiles on faces, saving skiers from self-doubt, and setting a good example for everyone he comes in contact with.

“Not only is it skiing that puts a memory of that in their head, but this is something extra they can take home in their head. Like ‘hey, Batman skis,’ so what that does is it makes other kids want to come out and ski as well,” explained Batman.

Now his message is hitting home for skiers both young and old.

Solea, Nino, and Amelia — ages 10, 7, and 9 said, “He’s probably going to help people if they fall. Like if you fall down he’ll probably be right there to help you up. You should give him a high-5!”

Richards explained, “He just brings a great spirit to it. He just comes out, has a good time, and everyone around him seems to enjoy it.”

So next time the cold weather has you feeling blue, think of the downhill Dark Knight.

“Winters are so long in the state of Michigan, in the U.S., and I feel like without getting out and enjoying them people hate them. What better way to get out and enjoy them as families than on the ski hill,” said Batman.

When we asked Batman if he’ll ever reveal his identity, he replied, “Probably the day I either pass on the tradition or I just entirely cannot do it anymore.”

Until then Batman says, “Just keep enjoying the snow and stay safe! That’s the important thing!”

Batman of the Slopes says it takes a village to build a superhero and he wants to thank Caberfae Peaks, Northern Edge Snowsports, and of course his fans for always supporting him on his mission to encourage positivity and safety on the slopes.

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