Central Michigan University Students Compete in High Tech Business Simulation

Students at Central Michigan University got the chance to run a global company Thursday, and compete for a scholarship.

This was the 7th year for the ERPsim competition that gives students hands-on experience using business software to try and run the most successful company possible.

It may not look like it, but CMU students like Braheem Crews are battling it out in a high tech, high pressure business competition.

“Our strategy is, sell at a high price, and let other people sell out because they set their prices lower and then we’re going to take advantage of that when the market needs us,” said Crews.

Braheem’s team is running every aspect of a cereal company from predicting demand to buying material using software known as sap. And they’re trying to make sure they’re company out performs 39 other teams of fellow students.

“I’m also just looking forward to learning about the future because that’s what this is and that’s what I find so intriguing about it, all of us in here today, we’re given an opportunity to really be prepared for automation at the next level,” said Crews.

CMU SAP program director Stephen Tracy says this is as close to a real world business experience as students can get.

“About 86 percent of the global fortune 1000 companies use SAP within their environment and so the odds of them actually touching an SAP system when they leave here is very good,” said Tracy.

And students are doing this all with the help of employees from major companies like Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

Tony Borgula is their IT director.

“The same team members that I bring up, they’re going to work with back at the office, you can’t do any better than you do it here. We come here and look for students that can think outside the box, we’ve actually hired 13 students in the past,” said Borgula.

The teams with the companies that earn the highest corporate value at the end of the competition came away with scholarships.