TCAPS Helps Students With Intense Support Network


Traverse City Area Public Schools reaches out to students in the classroom and at home.

Educators and administrators help students who could be struggling with homelessness, hunger and housing insecurity.

The school district is able to accomplish this with the local community’s help.

For example, Golden Fowler recently donated a bed to a TCAPS student in need.

The district’s goal is to give all of their students every opportunity to succeed.

“A child that’s acting out is a child that’s letting us know that something isn’t okay,” Kirsten Jones-Morgan, Principal of Blair Elementary School said.”One of the first things we ask is you’re hungry, because think of how grouchy you are when you’re hungry and our question is did you get any sleep last night?”

These simple questions let students feel comfortable enough to talk about their home lifestyles.

The student assistance comes directly from donations and money from a grant TCAPS receives at the beginning of the year.


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