Northern Michigan in Focus: Winter in Munising

What do you do when you live in a place that’s surrounded by beauty and snow?

You improvise.

Corey Adkins takes us to Munising and shows us what some of the locals up there do in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

“It’s a lot more quaint, and I think this is also a great time to come up here because you can take in the beauty of Munising,” said Ana-Marija Dolaskie from Eh! Burger.

If you’ve never been to the Munising area in the wintertime, you’re missing out

“Part of Munising’s charm, I think, is all the waterfalls that freeze. They’re just so charming. There’s something about water frozen in time that really stops your breath and captures the moment,” explained Ana-Marija.

It’s almost like this place has been kissed by an angel.

But the locals here work, and they work hard, like at Eh! Burger.

“Eh is sort of a celebratory Yoopoer slang, that when’s something is awesome, it’s ‘Awesome, eh!’ and we thought why not just have a burger joint called Eh! Burger,” said Ana-Marija.

So when the locals are ready to play, they do something awesome. 

“There’s lots to do as long as you take time to get out and do it. That’s what we do,” said T.J. Lassila with Roam Auto.

Meet Tracky McTrackface from Roam Automotive.

“This is just a standard Toyota Tacoma. We’ve modified extensively and the tracks themselves just put it on, but it gives us the capability to go places that most people can’t. We definitely like to enjoy it as much as we can,” explained T.J.

And they do. They go to places no one else knows about.

“We got to have a little hiding spot to go out and have fun,” said T.J.

And they just let it rip.

“We went and took a chance and played in the snow. We just got some rain last night so was a little sketchy there, and there is a good 6 inch layer of ice that created a crust but made it pretty interesting. But it’s fun, it’s always good venturing,” explained T.J.

Getting stuck is really nothing.

“Just another Tuesday,” said T.J.

Just another day in a place that almost has more beauty than it deserves, but the right mix of people who live there to share it with us.

“I’ve lived here my whole life. I moved away just long enough to gain more appreciation for it back here then I came back,” explained T.J.

Pretty awesome, eh!

“We got to get out and enjoy it or it’s not fun,” said T.J.

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