Michael’s Place in Traverse City Receives Grant to Help Children Facing Loss

A Northern Michigan nonprofit is putting grant money to good use, with a new outlet to help children who are grieving.

The grant for Michael’s Place in Traverse City will be used to help kids tell their stories, and keep a record of them.

It’s a $2,500 grant, which comes from the Story Corps “Road to Resilience Project.”

Story Corps provided the grant, as well as recording equipment and training for just six bereavement centers in the nation, and Michael’s Place is one of them. It allows children to select a partner and record their conversation together, to help them create and work through their story of grief.

Melissa Fournier says, “Often times bereaved children’s stories aren’t heard first hand. And this gives a voice to them. We need to tell what we carry, but not only do we need to tell it, we need to have it witnessed. So having a recording where you yourself can choose who hears it and have that story witnessed by others can be incredibly empowering.” Fournier says it helps with the healing process.

The child and their family can decide whether to keep the recording for themselves, or share their story with Story Corps. From there it will be archived with the Library of Congress for research, education, and to help other grieving children and families.

Anyone who wishes to make a recording can contact Michael’s Place.