McLaren Central Michigan Hospital Will Receive New Mammography Equipment

McLaren Central Michigan in Mount Pleasant will receive a new Hologic’s Genius 3D Digital Mammography machine.

This new equipment will help the hospital detect breast cancer more effectively, compared to the 2D imaging machine they are currently using.

The Hologic’s Genius 3D Digital Mammography is 20 to 65 percent more effective at finding invasive cancers.

Plus, this machine uses less radiation.

“This technology is going to save lives every single day in this community,” Martin Tursky, President/CEO of McLaren Central Michigan. “Instead of stage 3 or stage 4 cancer, you can identify that cancer at stage 1 or stage 2. Therefore, the treatment becomes much less invasive.”

Turksy also mentions that less invasive treatments could lead to less follow-up visits.

“Instead of having a mastectomy you have chemotherapy, lumpectomy, or something much less invasive.” Tursky said.” Than what you would have had if you had to find cancer at a later stage.”

The new 3D Mammography machine will cost a total of $400 thousand, it’s expected to be installed by mid-March.

So far, the hospital raised a portion of  funds through a grant and with the help of local community donations.

McLaren Central Michigan is currently raising more funds through different community events.

For more information visit McLaren Central Michigan’s website.