Kalkaska Middle School Students Raise Money for New Water Fountain

Two Kalkaska middle schoolers didn’t like using their old hallway drinking fountain, so they bought their school a new one.

Isabella Grezner and Alyssa Anderson pose with the water fountain in the gym, the same model that will be installed in the hallway.

They wanted to replace the low flow, old fountain with an eco-friendly water bottle filler and drinking fountain in the hallway.

Isabella Grezner and Alyssa Anderson raised $1200 for the project by going door to door at local businesses and asking for support.

Kalkaska businesses and individuals donated after the girls came by and explained their idea. The drinking fountain manufacturer even gave the duo a $400 discount off the product after hearing how they were raising money.

“Our water fountain in our hallway isn’t the greatest and we were looking for a new one, we don’t think it’s filtered, it tastes like metal,” explained Grezner and Anderson. “We think students will use it and it’s a lot closer to our classes so they don’t have to walk as far.”

The new fountain will be installed in the school by the end of March.