Governor Gretchen Whitmer Giving First State of the State Address

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is addressing Michigan lawmakers Tuesday night for her first State of the State Address.

She’s expected to begin her address at 7.

You can watch it live on our sister station Local 32, or streaming live here.

The state of the state address is a little different for a governor just taking office.

Instead of being able to tout past accomplishments, Governor Gretchen Whitmer only has one and a half months under her belt and is expected to spend the speech laying out her plan for the next four years.

That includes touching on her main campaign promises, like water quality, education reform, lowering auto insurance and of course fixing the dang roads.

But recently the governor has said a significant amount of the speech will center on the work that needs to be done in Lansing.

The Democrats agree this is the right person to get the right jobs done early.

“She’ll lay a blueprint out for how we move forward. There will be steps, we’ll have a detailed plan of how we move forward, compromise, and get things done,” said Senate majority leader Jim Ananich.

As for the Republicans, this will be the first state of the state address given by the opposing party in eight years.