Art Reach Of Mid Michigan Honors Black History Month With A New Exhibit


A new exhibit is now available at Art Reach of Mid Michigan.

This display addresses underlying racism in the United States.

Tia Blassinggame is an artist from California who developed this interactive exhibit.

Blassinggame incorporates poetry, typography and print making into her traveling and interactive art display.

She chose a different kind of approach for crowds to become more involved in her artwork.

“This exhibit’s a little more interactive for folks, they’re art books, they’re actually meant to be touched and read.” Kim Bigard, Administrative Coordinator for Art Reach of Mid Michigan said.”So, people don’t need to worry about feeling like they’re hands off. You can get in there, read it, consider it.”

Blassingame’s Exhibit will be on display at Art Reach of Mid Michigan until February 28th.

For more information visit Art Reach of Mid Michigan’s website.