Tight Lines for Troops; Fishing Tournament Application Deadline Nearing

For those who want to apply for the tenth annual Tight Lines for Troops, you’re nearing the end of the line.

The deadline to apply for the fishing tournament is March 1.

The event is a chance for communities and businesses to put on a free fishing tournament, open to all Michigan veterans.

Complete with a welcome party as they return to shore.

Organizers say friendship is the thing that keeps veterans coming back every year.

“You know you get two or three guys who want to go on the same boat, well we want to split them up because we want them to make new friends and that’s what this is all about. That’s why a lot of them keep coming back because they’ve made friends from the previous year and they don’t see them again for another year, this their way of keeping in contact,” says Bob Guenthardt with Tight Lines for Troops

To apply click here.

The tournament runs May 17 and 18.

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