Man Devastated By Loss of Suttons Bay Home; He Says No One Injured

“It’s very devastating. This is where most of my childhood memories were.”

Flames tore through a Leelanau County home Saturday night, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble.

The home is on M-204 in Suttons Bay.

We spoke to a cousin of the family who used to live in the home.

He says his two cousins were home when the fire broke out, but they and their dog made it out safely.

He also says they think the fire started in the living room from the furnace.

He did not want to go on camera, but he tells us while he’s devastated it’s destroyed, he’s extremely grateful no one got hurt.

“What a relief it was, just the weight lifted off your shoulders was tremendous, it really was. I thought I lost two of my brothers, because that’s what they are to me. Just knowing that we were OK was enough joy to basically put me in tears,” he said.

He says they hope to rebuild, and he believes they have insurance.

We did reach out to Leelanau County officials, but we haven’t heard back.