Hundreds Watch Wings of Wonder Release Bald Eagle in Suttons Bay

Excitement was soaring high at Suttons Bay High School Sunday afternoon, where hundreds packed together to watch an American bald eagle return to the wild.

Last week we told you Wings of Wonder rescued a bald eagle who got stuck on Lake Michigan in Suttons Bay.

Because of the frigid temperatures, an eight pound ball of ice formed at the end of his tail and he could not fly. Wings of Wonder rescued him on February 1 and have been nursing him back to full strength.

“Very excited we can’t wait,” said Denice May from Oxford, Michigan.

The executive director of Wings of Wonder says the eagle has spent the last week at the rehabilitation center regaining his strength

“He was brought back to Wings of Wonder, we defrosted him and he has spent a week at the resort enjoying some free food everyday. Today was his last free meal,” Rebecca Lessard said.

Now that he’s ready to rejoin nature, many people made the trek to send him off.

“We made a special detour out of our trip to see our family to come by and see the eagle release,” May said.

And pass along their best wishes.

“I just hope that he does well after we release him and he moves on and eats and prospers and gets a girlfriend,” May said.

Bradley said he heard about the event on Facebook and drove nearly four hours to watch his first bald eagle release.

“The Wings of Wonder page estimated that there would be about 60 people here. As you can see by looking around the parking lot, I’m giving an estimate of probably 4-500 people showed up for this today,” said Bradley Evon of St. Clair County, Michigan.

Rebecca says seeing the crowd filled her with joy.

“It totally warms my heart that people come out to witness this eagle going free. It’s our gift back to the community for their support.”

And Bradley calls the experience incredible.

“It was absolutely amazing. You could hear the wind soaring through its wings as it gained lift into the sky and took up by the snow bank by us,” he said.

If you’d like to donate to Wings of Wonder, you can go to their Facebook page or website.