Teen Still Missing After Falling Through Ice in Muskegon River

Search crews are back on the Muskegon River looking for a teenager who went through the ice and likely drowned Thursday night.

We first brought you live to the scene Thursday night at 11, as divers searched for the missing teen.

Now the recovery effort is being hampered by weather conditions.

It happened at 50th Avenue Bridge just south of River Road in Osceola County’s Sylvan Township.

Several fire and police departments are in the river and looking for the 15-year-old.

The sheriff told us this is a recovery mission.

The sheriff’s office says three teens were out on the ice, and all of them went through the ice.

Two made it back to shore and are O.K., the third did not.

Crews spent several hours looking Thursday night, but did not find anything.

The sheriff said they are not sending a diver in the water Friday, because the current is just too strong and it’s incredibly difficult to see in the river.

Instead, they are going to rely on sonar to hopefully find the teen.

Crews are also battling some absolutely frigid temperatures as this recovery continues.