Search Continues For Evart Teen Who Fell Through Muskegon River Ice

UPDATE: We now know the name of the missing teen is Dylan Shaw, a 15 year old from Evart.

This was the scene in Osceola County Friday as police and fire departments continue looking for a 15- year-old who fell through the ice.

The sheriff says three teens were out on the ice yesterday when they fell through.

Two made it back to shore, but one did not.

We have learned it was a student at Evart High School who was swept up in the river.

It happened at the 50th Avenue Bridge just south of River Road in Sylvan Township.

Dive and rescue teams worked on the ice of the Muskegon River, using sonar to try and find a 15-year-old who fell through the ice Thursday night.

“We’re going in different spots in just about 30 foot increments down the river, we have a cable ties across, and the zodiac has been tied there with some tethers, they’re drilling some holes in the water, they drop the sonar down, it shoots a picture and we’re able to see a picture of the bottom of the river,” explained Osceola County Sheriff Justin Halladay.

One of their biggest challenges Thursday night and Friday was the weather.

“Everything out here freezes up very quickly, we’ve got to keep things moving and working, obviously when the divers go in the water they have to experience the fact that sometimes their equipment freezes up on them,” said Halladay.

Conditions in the river have also made things difficult for divers, forcing them to stay above the water.

“It’s not a stagnate dive, it’s not like diving a lake or a pond or a pool, so you add that to that the fact that the river is still moving, and it’s frozen over, and the temperatures are what they are, and wind today, it’s making it really difficult, but we’re going to keep looking today as much as we can. Even if we find the victim today still far from over,” said Halladay.