Friendship Across the Gulf: Guatemala, a Medical Mission

It’s a physical and emotional trip for anyone, taking a medical mission to Guatemala.

One young man had to overcome so much more than most, and still made a special connection.

Seth Beaudry was one of many who made the trip with their team leader John Cox, but he was the only one to go who is wheelchair-bound after being paralyzed from the waist down in a car crash.

Yet that didn’t make him alone.

While in Guatemala, Seth served people any way he could with the rest of his medical mission team members.

And he also had the chance to meet Jose, someone who is linked to Seth in a special way.

“It was an incredible, life-changing experience,” he says. “Right as we got into Jose’s house, there was so much, you could instantaneously feel some kind of spiritual…brokenness and at the same time a refreshing, amazing connection.”

Jose is also paralyzed. John says hearing them both talk back and forth about their challenges was “pretty moving.”

“Not letting their legs define them, (they) talked about what it’s like to be trapped by legs that don’t work,” John says.

Learn more by watching the video above.


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