Blizzard-Like Conditions Expected for Eastern U.P.

The eastern Upper Peninsula is expected to be one of the hardest hit areas by the incoming storm.

On Thursday the area saw snow, rain and sleet, with winds beginning to pick up.

Both Luce and Chippewa County are under a blizzard warning until tomorrow.

With high winds expected, people around the area are preparing for potential power outages.

Ff and on we’ve seen the sleet, the wind is really starting to pick up, and the wind is a key thing here. The surrounding counties are under a blizzard warning starting tonight and into tomorrow and people around this area are preparing for potential power outages.

“We’ve got our snow blower just making sure that’s ready to go, we’ve got plenty of groceries in case we need them, if the heats goes down, we got blankets and we have a pellet stove,” Brevort Resident Wanda Cody, said.

We also caught up with Dale Moore, a farmer who lives in Engadine.

He’s making sure his generator is ready to go in case he does lose power.

He’s also stocked up on water and food, not just for his family but for some of the livestock he raises.

“Usually we got some water for the house and we got some chickens that need water so we got a couple buckets of water for them and we make sure we got gas for the generator,” Moore, said.

Drivers are being asked to take it slow on US-2 as conditions are pretty rough and with high winds, driving could be even more difficult as the night goes on.