The Forsbergs Donation Fixes A Gap In The Pere Marquette Rail-Trail


The Forsberg family donated $10,000 to benefit the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail extension project.

The project will fix the trail gap between the city of Clare and Clare Moose Lodge.

However, this path carries memories with a deep message for the family.

Marguerite Forsberg, a loving mother to Alex Forsberg passed away in 2016.

In honor of her memory, the funds donated started a nonprofit called, The Marguerite Forsberg Rail-Trail Memorial Fund.

The family understood how much Marguerite enjoyed using the Rail-Trail in Clare, she also mentioned wanting to fix the gap before passing on.

“I feel blessed to be able to do something however small in my mother’s name,” Alex Forsberg, Cofounder of The Marguerite Forsberg Rail-Trail Memorial Fund said.

The extension project will cost an estimated $2.8 million.

“This gap is one of the only gaps that has no’s not marked,” Forsberg said. “My mother and father actually ran in to bikers coming all the way across the country, they said they biked thousands of miles of trails, and that this was the most confusing point on any biking trail they have ever been on.”

The family is actively raising more funds to make this project a reality.

If you would like more information and to donate visit, The Friends of Clare County Parks and Recreation website.




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