Government Shutdown Could Affect Tax Returns

The government is only funded through the 15th. Now, tax professionals warn that another shutdown could slow down your tax returns.

The IRS is still catching up from the most recent partial government shutdown. CBS News reported that they had millions of pieces of unopened mail when the government reopened.

Certified public accountants at Manville and Schell in Traverse City say that this time of year is already busy, and as we move towards spring, timing is crucial and there’s already a lot to process through the IRS.

If and when it shuts down again, the IRS will be even more behind.

“The prior shutdown slowed down about $2 billion of refunds that time and delayed it a week or two,” said Manville and Schell’s Andrew Howard. “The most we can do is file what we have ready.”

Tax filing season started January 28 and IRS processing normally takes three to four weeks.

It has yet to be seen whether that shutdown will affect people who filed early.