Producer Chat: Lake Superior Ice Men, Dog Doesn’t Need Sled

Some extremely icy surfers channeling their inner King Trident—and a dog that knows how to slide down a ski hill.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Lake Superior, but never quite like this.

Lake Superior Ice Men | Devon Hains Photography

These pics were snapped in Marquette, and come from Devon Hains Photography’s Facebook page.

Devon’s post about these ice men says, “The polar vortex made for some fun conditions to go chill in Lake Superior for my friends, surfer Dan and Allen Finau. I had a blast photographing these two in the sub-zero temps this past week.”

And he adds people should always be careful in and around the Great Lakes. Their wetsuits are made for frigid conditions.

Absolutely amazing pics, Devon!

No Sled Needed | @MGSniper

Golden retrievers are quite the breed of dog, and Sunday was actually International Golden Retriever Day.

These dogs were bred to thrive in the cold, which might be why this dog Blondie loves playing in the cold.

He loves snow so much, he’s hitting the slopes—but doesn’t need a sled to do it.

Blondie’s owners are skiers, so he’s spent a lot of time around the sport.

A video from the family was recently uploaded to Twitter by @MGSniper, saying “This should make your day a little happier.”

In it, the amazing pooch perfectly positions himself to go for a little slide down the snow and ice.

He somehow steers himself and safely lands next to one of his humans.

The video already has more than 14 million views. You can check it out yourself in the video above.

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