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Brilliant Book Idea for Food, Cooking Lovers

Traveling brings with it culture, experience and of course, food!

But we can’t always hop on a plane to grab a favorite meal.

Anthony Ascione, from in Traverse City, had that problem. He and fell in love with a dish he couldn’t find anywhere—until now.

That was the inspiration behind this literary recommendation for people who love to cook!

‘Catalan Food: Culture and Flavors from the Mediterranean’ by Daniel Olivella, Caroline Wright

Flavorful, and colorful, one particular meal haunted a local book lover after he returned to the states from Spain.

Croquetas de jamon, or Spanish ham croquettes.

“When I was there, I just fell in love with food,” he says. “The food and the wine and the people. It’s all so wonderful and beautiful. And there’s actually a recipe in this book for croquetas which are these little ham and potato dumplings. Tapas, you know you go to a tapas bar and everyone would get croquetas and calamari and olives. I have not been able to find the croquetas since I came back to the states.”

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