Northern Michigan Roofing, Basement Business Offers Winter Home Care Tips

Homes across northern Michigan are dealing with everything from ice on the roof to the threat of melting snow.

The last week has seen the concern shift from ice and snow building up on roofs, to all that snow melting and heading for the basement.

David Doyle is a field operations manager with Story Roofing in Buckley. He says while a lot of snow and ice has melted from northern Michigan roofs, the problem will be back.

“The ice can gets up underneath the shingles, it can pop the shingles, it can loosen shingles, it can get onto the decking it can rot out your decking eventually, it can get through your soffit which the ice coming down through the soffit can weigh your soffit down and potentially bring your soffit down with it,” said Doyle.

Doyle says it’s best to keep your roof as clean as possible and raking snow off it like we saw in video from Prudenville last week can help prevent damage.

Now, as the snow melts, the concern becomes water seeping into basements.

John Raymond is a general manager with Story Basement Technologies.

“When that snow starts melting, that water is going into the ground and it’s going to push against your foundation wall, if you have a block foundation it’s going to actually seep into the block and could end up on your basement floor,” said Raymond.

He says there are systems out there to prevent flood damage.

“It’s an internal track system that will grab any possible water that can leak into a basement that gets into a sump pump then we sump the water out,” explained Raymond.

Raymond also says having a dehumidifier in your basement right now can prevent water damage.