Manton Man Charged With Assaulting Two State Troopers

A Manton man is behind bars, charged with assaulting two Michigan state police troopers in Wexford County.

State police say the troopers arrested Justin Kangas on Friday, after they responded to a domestic violence report at a home in Manton.

When they arrived at the home, they say Kangas pushed one of the troopers in the chest. The trooper tried getting Kangas into custody, but he resisted.

That’s when the second trooper came in and helped get kangas into handcuffs.

While they were getting him into a patrol car, they say Kangas kicked one of the troopers in the torso. While driving him to the jail, they say he threatened the trooper, tried to spit on him, and kicked the inside of the patrol car.

Kangas is now charged with assaulting and resisting a police officer, and domestic assault.