The Drawbridge Ukulele Band: Music and Friendship. What More Could You Want?’

A quirky four string instrument called the Ukulele is bringing a fun-loving group together every Wednesday night in Charlevoix at the Villager Pub. The Drawbridge Ukulele band knows a thing or two about carrying a tune and having a good time.

There are two very important rules that everyone in the group must follow… “We have two rules in ukulele-land. There’s no criticizing and there’s no throwing fruit,” Bill Trubilowicz says with a grin.

This tiny instrument is taking acquaintances and turning them into friends. Scott Beatty shares, “You grow close and you play music together. You joke together, talk about family together. It is just a good collection of very good people.”

This intimate group is just about as happy and carefree as the instrument they play -leaving their worries at the door. Nancy Krupiarz says “Whatever things you’ve gone through during the day – you come here and you laugh, sing and play. I mean it’s just like you forget everything else for 2 hours.”

The Ukulele originated as a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese machete. Long time Uke player, Merf Krell says “They say ukulele’s are a happy instrument and it really is. It’s happy, it’s high-pitched and it just makes people feel good.”

This group also takes it upon themselves to be apart of the community, playing twice a month at long-term nursing homes. No matter where they play, they make sure everyone is having good time.

Scott Beatty says, “Music and friendship. I mean what more could you want?”

If you’re interested in joining or learning more information click here.


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