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Wertz Warriors Journal – Day 6

We woke up in Lewiston at Garland Resorts thinking it would be a normal ride day. The temperature was going to be 40-30 degrees higher than the day before but it was still cold.

Very cold.

So after it took about 30  pulls on my sled to get it going we were ready to ride. On the schedule this was going to be our longest day but the wrong turns and turn-arounds actually made Tuesday our longest ride. We didn’t have too many holdups, actually we had a few sleds overheat, which is crazy in the climate we rode in but that’s the endurance snowmobile ride life.

The first stop of the day was over in Johannesburg, 27 miles away, where we stopped at Paul’s Pub. A new stop on the ride but a very successful one outside of the cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa they were supplying.

Friday is always a very long day for the Warriors. The next stop was another 50 miles away, the VFW hall in Onaway, a surprisingly large VFW Hall for such a small town, they promised to build a strong fundraising source in the community. A delicious lunch of chili and hot dogs.

It was a short jog to the Millersburg Eagles Club. This is where we get perfect delicious honey buns for dessert o the ride. We also added a nice donation check.

From there we had another LOOOOOOOONG run, from Millersburg to Wolverine. Fifty miles. A perfect day of riding as the temperatures raised and the traffic increased.

We ran across even more traffic on our way to Wolverine, people were making their way north and getting on the sleds to take advantage of the conditions before things warmed up but we pushed through to the next stop at the Fairfield Inn in Gaylord. The sun was a son of a b*** but we made it safely to enjoy Alpenfrost in Gaylord for the night.

Saturday Schedule

9:30 AM – Pine Squirrel (Gaylord)

11:30 AM – Antrim County Snowmobile Club

1:00 PM – Lakes of the North

2:15 PM – Alba Sportsman’s Club

5:00 PM Odawa Casino

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