East Jordan Gets $2 Million for Infrastructure Upgrades

A $2.3 million infrastructure project will now be easier on East Jordan’s pockets after the city received a huge grant from the state.

On Thursday we told you how the city of Gaylord will benefit from this same community development block grant.

However, East Jordan was awarded $2 million.

Like Gaylord, East Jordan will be upgrading aging infrastructure that’s been damaged by long Northern Michigan winters.

The city has plans to replace a more than 100 year-old water tower and totally reconstruct five streets near the downtown.

“This is huge because we are looking at obviously down the road for the future, so it’s not only maintaining what we currently have and fixing some of our old streets and old infrastructure, but planning for the future and for the capacity that we are going to need as we grow,” Administrator Tom Cannon, said.

The project has been in the works for a couple of years.

They hope to put it up for bid by the end of winter.