Up Your Game: DIY Super Bowl Crafts & Creations!

It's all about Football + Family + Fun + Food on February 3rd on CBS

Sundays are not just for football- they are for crafting too!

Up your Super Bowl party game with these easy and festive crafts that will certainly be a touchdown during your Super Bowl Celebration!

One team will lose, but at the end of the night, your decorations will be the big winner!

Try one or all of these crafts and be sure to show us how yours turned out on the four on 9&10 News Facebook page!

A football themed game that is cheap to make, fun to play and educational all at the same time: Score!!

Team Kiddo’s

Game: Super Bowl ‘Score-it’

For ages: 5+

Time to make: 15 minutes

Price to make: $10.00

This DIY game will sure to be a touchdown with your kids! ‘Score-it’ could be made ahead and ready for the Super Bowl party, or have the kids join in on decorating their own field!  Parents will love this game too, because it incorporates math elements! The creativity ‘kicks off’ with decorating the field goal and football, with a few dabs of hot glue and some Popsicle sticks, you’ll have a mini personalized football field! (Another great way you could personalize these are with cute football themed stickers or letters for the container!)

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B-I-N-G-O! BE the first one to track down five in a row! This is a fun game that can be played all day long, young or old!

Game: Super Bowl Day Bingo

For ages: 5-15 year olds (and older!)

Time to make: 10 minutes

Price to make: $10.00

Talented athletes, inspiring or super hilarious commercials and of course, fun half-time entertainment! There is so much to see on Sunday and this game of BINGO is a fun way to eat some sweet treats and try and be the first one to shout BINGO! A fun and reasonably priced prize for the BINGO winner(s) could be a ring pop which you could call the ‘Super Bowl Championship Ring’!

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Team Teenager’s

This next level snack stadium will be sure to bring the house down with laughter! A food piece that also serves as a fun center piece!

Activity: Build-your-own snack stadium

For ages: 13-19 year olds (and older!)

Time to make: 1 hour +

Price to make: $20.00 +

Ready, Set, EAT! Let’s get the teenager’s involved with helping elevate your Super Bowl Party foodie game with a snack stadium party tray! Prepare your favorite dips and sauces to place in the middle of your food-field (pro tip: use sour cream to make field lines!) and surround it with some yummy and healthy dipping items! This snack stadium is a fun project to build and see how creative they can get with it. (Think straws for field goals!)

Share it with us! If you end up building your own Super Bowl Snack Stadium, share it with us on the four Facebook Page!

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GO, TEAM, GO! This is an easy and fun way to show your team pride!

Activity: Decorate a Pennant

For ages: 13-19 year old (and older!)

Time to make: 1 hour +

Price to make: $15.00 +

This is a crafty and memorable way to show team spirit to their favorite football team! Whether they are rooting on the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams, or just want to design their own theme! These could be made ahead to rock with during the Super Bowl or made the day of!

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Team Grown-Ups

Some people root on the football teams, but others are there to root on their favorite commercial! This is one time of year that people WANT to watch in between the show!

Activity: Rate-the-Commercial Printable

Time to make: 20 minutes

Price to make: $5.00 +

These free printable just requires some tape and Popsicle sticks (and you don’t really even need the sticks). These can be handed out to your guests when they arrive so they can weigh in on the Super Bowl Commercials, which have really become a popular part of the Super Bowl Party. Every age can get in on this one really and how fun is it to see how comedy transcends for different ages!

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Not only do these add to your party, but totally save the day from having the dreaded water marks on the coffee table!

Activity: Party AstroTurf Coasters

For ages: Time to make: 1 hour +

Price to make: $15.00 +

These football field coasters are sure to be a talking point during your party. Not only do they provide an extra level of décor and keep your tables from getting water marks, but are a perfect thank you gift for your guests who stopped by! You could get super creative with this and paint the team logo or name instead of field numbers!

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