NWS Gaylord: Brutally Cold Week not Abnormal for Northern Michigan

This arctic air is lingering in Northern Michigan.

It certainly feels harsh but is it historically cold weather?

“We had a plunge of arctic air diving into much of the eastern part of the country including the Great Lakes,” National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Patrick Bak, said.

As bone-chilling temperatures took over areas like Minnesota and Illinois, Northern Michigan was well below average, but we didn’t break many records.

“We were cold, but again its winter in Northern Michigan, we’re kind of accustomed to these kind of conditions,” Bak, added.

Part of that has to do with just how much wind and snow we got at the same time.

“We were actually sheltered some compared to other parts of the country, the Great Lakes have a major influence on the weather across Northern Michigan and the clouds we had and the snow showers we had over the past several days has kept a good portion of the area warmer than say Illinois and Indiana,” Bak, explained.

The last time this area saw something similar was back in 2015 and even then the arctic weather hung around a lot longer.

Though that doesn’t mean being outside this week, was a walk in the park.

“The extended period of time that it was here, was impressive but also the amount of wind that we had, helped to really settle in the cold air and make it feel like it was really nasty,” NWS Meteorologist Scott Rozanski, said.

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Gaylord are using the information from this past week to see what’s to come.

“We see the pattern that happened last week can kind of correlate that with temperatures that we saw actually saw and we can kind of anticipate what this next bout of cold air can actually do,” Rozanski, added.