Staircase Youth Services Offers Help To The Community

Not everyone has a place to call home, that’s why Staircase Youth Services is reaching out to the community.

They are searching for volunteers to help host youth in their homes and provide shelter, food and most importantly love.

“I have at least five other youth that I can think of off the top of my head that really could use a host home placement,” Dakota Morris, Outreach Youth Specialist from Staircase Youth Services said. “And I don’t have a place to offer them as of now.”

This specific program differs from foster-care because they help youth that are from the ages 17 to 21.

The reason why youth connect with Dakota Morris is because she also has been through foster-care.

“The students that I work with know that I’m not that much different from them,” Morris said. “If I can be here and that’s what I tell everybody…if I can be here, successful and doing pretty well then you guys can too.”

Staircase Youth Services is determined to find as many homes as they possibly can.