Ice Dams Could Lead To Infrastructure Problems

The beautiful icicles that form during the winter could be the cause to roof problems in your home.

Improper ventilation in older homes can lead to ice dams forming.

An ice dam is when ice forms on the edge of your roof, and prevents melting snow from properly draining off your home.

As a result, the ice buildup can lead to leaks that can damage roofs, walls and ceilings.

However, they are ways to prevent this from happening.

“If you’re a homeowner you can use a roof rake and kind of pull down as much snow as you can,” Christopher Pelvin, Production Manager for Northshore Exteriors said. “And get some kind of roof safe salt to put up there..calcium chloride or salt pucks to melt what ice dams are forming.”

If ice dams have already formed then seek professional assistance.

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