A1 Professional Tree Service Donates Firewood for Father Fred’s Frostbite Food Drive

The Father Fred Foundation’s Frostbite Food Drive is in full force despite the freezing temperatures and snow.

And to keep the volunteers warm at the Team Bob’s drop off location, A1 Professional Tree Service donated firewood to keep their outdoor fire going.

That site is the only drop off location that you don’t even have to leave your car.

The volunteers will come right to you to get your donations.

They say the fire is a huge help to provide a little relief from the cold.

“Traverse City is terrific, they always have been, am so proud of this community because they always do good,” said 10 year volunteer Al Spafford. “We need that, there’s a lot of need in this community.”

The foundation tells us they have noticed donations are down this year.

Click here to donate, without even having to leave your home.