Pileup Prevention: Stay off the Roads or Slow Way Down

With the recent stretch of winter weather, crashes and roll-offs have been a big problem for drivers across Northern Michigan in the last few days.

On Friday, a pileup in Cheboygan County had close to 30 vehicles involved.

Police are asking everyone to stay off the roads unless it’s completely necessary.

If it is necessary for you to be driving, there’s chances you could see a car ahead of you in a ditch or an accident in front of you and there’s a few things to keep in mind to keep yourself and those around you safe.

“We got tow truck drivers out there on the road and first responders out there on the roadway it can get very dangerous,” Michigan State Police Lt. Travis House, said.

“You have to be aware with snow blowing around, there’s going to be times where you might not be able to see as far as you’d like to, so you have to slow way down,” House, added.

It cannot be said enough, slow down.

With extremely low visibility it’s tough to see past your front end.

Cheboygan County Undersheriff Tim Cook, says drivers going too fast for conditions are likely the root cause for many of the crashes they’ve seen recently.

“They are going just too fast and they can’t react in time to what’s in front of them, which is causing a lot of motorists to take evasive action and put themselves in a ditch to avoid a collision or they are losing control on the icy roads and they are going into a ditch,” Cook, said

So what should you do?

“If you do come up on to a situation, you need to just let your foot off the gas, try to maneuver in a safe manner away from the incident,” Cook, explained.

And if you end up stuck, stay inside.

“We encourage you do not get out of your vehicle if you get stuck in a median, call 911 so we can assist you,” Cook, said.

“The conditions are just too bad, especially today, for anybody to be outside their vehicle,” Cook, added.