Burst Pipes Cause Serious Damage at Sault Ste. Marie High School

At Sault Sainte Marie High School, burst pipes caused extensive damage throughout the building.

It’s being blamed on an open window.

The school says it caused damage to several classrooms, a theatre, the ceiling, carpet and lockers.

The superintendent says a window was left open sometime Friday in the second-floor science lab.

All faucets in the room burst creating a continuous flow of water which made its way to the main circuit box on that side of the school.

The box shorted out Sunday just before noon, alerting the fire department.

Now, it’s a matter of getting the school open as soon as possible.

“Don’t want to put the students or staff in an unsafe environment, we’ll get the water, the everything cleaned up as best we can today. We know we’re going to have to,” says Dr. Tim Hall, superintendent.

The high school will reopen when the fire chief deems it safe to return.