Cold Temps, Wind Chills Mean Frostbite Dangers

Whether you’re outside for work, play, or for chores like shoveling snow, frostbite is a real concern as temperatures drop.

Exposed skin can be susceptible to frostbite in as little as ten minutes.

Doctors say you should do everything possible to cover your hands, ears, and face. 

They say wear boots instead of tennis shoes or sneakers, dress in layers, and use a scarf or mask to cover your nose and cheeks.

Redness, itching, and numbness are the early warning signs that you should go inside and warm up.

Dr. Kate Shaffer with Munson Family Practice says “If you start seeing your skin red, just go inside and get warm. Go in a car, go somewhere and get warm. Because as soon as you start seeing redness and it starts feeling tingly that’s the first sign you want to get inside and make sure you take care of ’em.”

You can use lukewarm water to warm-up your hands and fingertips.

But if over the course of 24-48 hours you see skin turning white, waxy, or even black, it’s could be second or third degree frostbite and it’s time to go to the doctor.