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Hook & Hunting: Largemouth Bass Virus

The Michigan DNR found two more lakes that contain the largemouth bass virus.

They made their first discovery last October.

The virus popped up in Beaver Lake in Alpena County and Avalon Lake in Montmorency County. 

Largemouth bass virus causes fish kills when fish are most stressed.

That includes when it’s really hot, when there’s increased recreational fishing, or an algae bloom.

The latest discoveries find that the virus is spreading northward.

“What we recommend is that you do not transfer fish from one lake to another, that is illegal to begin with. We also recommend that you don’t transfer water from one lake to another, that would be a way of spreading it as well,” explained Mark Tonello, a DNR fisheries biologist.

The DNR says fish that contain the virus are still safe to eat as long as they are cooked.