Downstate Restaurateur Opens New Brunch Spot in Gaylord

From downstate to up north, a Ferndale restaurateur has set-up shop with a new brunch spot in Northern Michigan.

Belle Iron Grille in Gaylord will host its grand opening Saturday at 11 a.m. and owner Dean Bach is excited to make Northern Michigan his home.

The restaurant is not only serving some great food from the menu but some fresh ideas that are new to Northern Michigan dining.

“If everybody gets together this could be a win-win for the entire city. I’m not there to compete with anybody, I’m there to add to the attraction of Gaylord and bring more people our way,” Bach, said.

Bach recently put two of his Ferndale restaurants up for sale and made his way north to the site where his dad lived, across from Otsego Lake.

“My heart’s there it feels like a full circle thing to me, I was born raised in Detroit but I feel I was born and raised in Gaylord as well with as much time as I spent up there,” Bach, explained.

He wants to make Gaylord his family’s full time home and Belle Iron Grille is a dream now realized.

“We try to be a little bit different than normal, bring some of the downstate influence, take modern food and have a little bit more fun with it,” Executive Chef Shane Crapser, said.

Crapser grew up in the Gaylord area as well.

“Gaylord is definitely growing which is great to see there’s a lot more food options and people are receiving a diversity of food options,” Crapser, added.

A unique brunch spot with big portions, but its ideas outside the kitchen that are even rarer in the area.

“As long as I’ve been in the business for this long there’s always been this big disparity between the fronts of the house and the back of the house as far as wages go,” Bach, said.

At BIG waitresses are getting more than minimum wage and tips are being split with the cooks.

“The goal is to get everybody making 20 dollars an hour as an average throughout the year,” Bach, explained.

The restaurant has been open for just under a month and things are running smoothly.

“We are in full swing, and we are only expecting the biggest and best things for the future,” Crapser, added.