State Police Find 52 Grams of Meth, Stolen Gun During Roscommon County Traffic Stop

State Police found all this inside a car during a traffic stop on Sunday, including 52 grams of meth.

A trooper made the stop near Houghton Lake in Roscommon Township.

State Police say they believe the drugs were heading for other places across northern Michigan.

It all happened just after 10 Sunday morning near Houghton Lake. A state police trooper pulled over a vehicle for a registration violation, but inside the car, the trooper found this,52 grams of meth and a stolen gun from Indiana.

“We really commend the trooper individual, in this case for going beyond that initial minor violation in the case of this traffic stop. That is a large amount of a very, very serious and dangerous drug that this effort has taken out of northern Michigan and you can’t overstate how important that is,” said Lt. Travis House with the Michigan State Police.

Police believe that meth was heading to communities across northern Michigan and could be sold for $100 per gram with each gram containing about ten doses of meth.

“That amount of meth being kept out of northern Michigan communities is a very big deal, that could be a very large number of people who are affected directly by that seizure, and who knows who’s hands that drug would have fallen into had it been dispersed,” said House.

The arrest comes in Roscommon County, where the sheriff says of the 20 people in their jail on major drug charges right now, most are related to meth, something organizations like The Lion’s Den in Roscommon are looking to change.

“We know that we are needed here, we know that the community wants us here and we know that there is a lot of work yet to be done as we just see with this drug bust. We’re seeing people get delivered, we’re seeing success in people’s lives right here so that is encouraging, unfortunately, like I said, there is still a lot of work to be done,” said James DeArmond, Assistant Executive Director at The Lion’s Den.

The man arrested by state police has posted bond and is expected to be arraigned on February 7th.

You can reach The Lion’s Den at 989-275-0929.