Slick Roads Lead to Slideoffs

It’s a fear for every Michigan driver, when the snow and ice arrive, the chances of sliding out of control rose.

“Some people are not paying attention,” says Michigan State Police trooper, Conner Crutchfield, “They get going a little bit too fast in a slippery spot or a little bit of snow buildup and they’ll end up sliding off into the ditch.”

Wednesday morning, US-31 looked like a lot of Northern Michigan highways, snow covered, slick and dangerous.

“All it takes is the one time you hit a slushy road, wet road or icy road and just a lapse in judgment one time is all it takes,” says Tpr. Crutchfield.

Knowing what to do if you slide off, can make it easier on you, police and tow crews. If you can’t get free on your own, the safest thing to do is stay in your car and turn it over to the professionals.

“Always be aware of what road you’re on,” says Tpr. Crutchfield, “What’s the crossroad and then call central dispatch or call 911.”

Any sort of property damage requires a police crash report. It will help you when it comes to insurance and help keep everything documented for police during a very busy time of the year.

“Usually the first snowstorm or at least the first couple is where we get most of our crashes,” sys Tpr. Crutchfield.

The State Police also want to remind you that you have to keep yourself safe depending on how long it might take. If you could run your vehicle safely, do that and stay warm. If not, make sure to have blankets or extra jackets in your car in case you have to stay quite a while without the heat.