Wexford County Blueberry Farm Hopeful for Heavy Snowfall

Some blueberry farms in northern Michigan are in need of a good snowfall.

They say without it, their crop may suffer come spring and summer.

It’s not the first place you’d think to venture on a 20 degree day in northern Michigan, but a blueberry field is exactly where we headed with Mackenzie Larrance at Double L Farms.

“Once it starts to get below freezing, for a long amount of time it can really affect everything,” said Larrance.

The farms blueberry bushes sit exposed to the bitter cold right now with not much snow to insulate them.

“It’s protected at the base of the new stem by the main truck of the blueberry and we also try to prune back any of the twigs in the middle so all of the berry’s come out. So hopefully we’ll still get some really big luscious berries, but again that’s all dependent on what happens in the next couple of days,” said Larrance.

What they’re hoping for in the next couple of days is a healthy snow fall, if not, that could spell trouble come spring and summer.

“They need to be covered by a good layer of snow in the winter because it can protect the root system, otherwise it can cause freeze damage which can really stunt the new growth of a plant so we might not get any new growth this coming summer, and it can also stunt the buds in May that we’ll get,” explained Larrance.

The bushes can withstand a few days exposed to the elements and the farm puts down mulch in the fall, but other than that, it’s up to Mother Nature to come through.

“The snow that’s coming tomorrow is definitely going to help, it’s going to keep them nice and toasty in the freezing cold temperature,” said Larrance.