Hybrid Robotics Bringing You The Newest Technology

Four Northwestern Michigan College students brainstormed a new idea for a product in a class program, and that same idea led them to launch their own business!

Hybrid Robotics is the first company to design a prototype drone that can land on water, and dispatch a tethered ROV.

They are currently marketing and manufacturing the product.

“This would be able to help with operations from offshore inspections to infrastructure inspections and that kind of thing,” Matt Goddard, CEO Hybrid Robotics. “So yeah, we really just took the technologies that we have and put them together and we made a great system.”

They plan on using this specific drone to help with exploration of the Great Lakes in the future.

Boomerang Catapult, an investment service in Northern Michigan has invested $60,000 into the drone.

The business is currently located in the 20 Fathoms Building in Downtown Traverse City.






Hybrid Robotics