Central Michigan University: 2D Sketches Jumping to 3D Works of Art

Fashion is where science and art collide. It’s not just happening on the east coast or west coast but right here in the Midwest. Central Michigan University has a strong Fashion Merchandising and Design program that is drawing people in.

“You might not think of Mt. Pleasant Michigan as the place to go for fashion but in the state of Michigan it definitely is,” says Associate Professor Dr. Michael Mamp.

One of the reasons CMU stands out as a fashion school is their incorporation of technology. They have started integrating 3D printing into their curriculum, giving students hands on experience when it comes to making prototypes and seeing their designs jump from 2D sketches to tangible 3D accessories. This is giving many students a leg up once they graduate.

“There are many classes, schools, fashion programs that have dabbled in 3D printing but to my knowledge this course FMD565 3D printing and fashion is the only semester long course that I’m aware of in the country that is dedicated to full integration of 3D modeling and printing in the design process,” says Dr. Mamp.

Dr. Mamp says “It’s always new, it’s always different, everyone thinks of fashion as this very glamorous thing and it can be but it’s also very rigorous and fast paced – it’s competitive and I love that every day, every season, every semester – it’s something new, it’s something different.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Fashion Merchandising and Design program at Central Michigan University head to cmich.edu here.


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