CMU Staff, Students Spend Day Honoring Doctor Martin Luther King Junior

Central Michigan University had no classes on this Martin Luther King Junior Day, allowing staff and students a day for community service.

Hundreds of students attended a peace brunch, took part in volunteer activities and then joined together to march, the way Doctor King so courageously did.

“One of the key things that Martin Luther King did throughout his life is he served his community. It didn’t matter how rich or how poor,” said Jonathan Glenn, assistant director for CMU Multicultural Academic Services.

Students and staff are gathered to pay tribute through a brunch with performances and day of service.

“You have that choice to do something or do nothing and you have the choice to do something peaceful or not peaceful so for me it’s about making that choice to do something in your community,” said Kelly Yagiela, a student with the CMU Volunteer Center.

Many gave back to the community by activities like making Valentine’s Day cards for the elderly, writing encouraging notes to elementary school students and making posters for their march.

“When we march out together, we hopefully will connect to that history you know that Martin Luther king did so well at,” said Glenn.

Braving the cold, staff and students march to show unity in their work towards equality.

“It’s important to always remember the legacy and just learn more things and see how we can move forward from where we’ve been,” said Christopher Sanders, a graduate student with the CMU Volunteer Center.

Some students say they take part in this every year.

“It’s always just been a tradition for me to be here throughout the day for the brunch a day of service as well as a community march later on so it’s always been part of a CMU tradition for me,” said Sanders.

They want people to celebrate Doctor Martin Luther King Junior for more than just his leadership.

“We always want that a part of his legacy, not that he was just a good leader for the church and the community but you know, he was a man who gave his life and his heart back to the community,” said Glenn.