Justice for Janette Walk Continues in Reed City; Unsolved Murder 36 Years Later

“It’s time that whoever did this step forward. It’s time.”

On this day, back in 1983 Janette Roberson was found brutally murdered, her body in the basement of what is now the reed city hardware store.

Her case is still unsolved.

A Northern Michigan family still wants answers.

Who killed their loved one decades ago?

Community members young and old braved the single digit temperatures as they marched up and down the streets of downtown Reed City Saturday.

“The main mission is to keep getting the word out so people, they don’t forget her,” sister Lana Jarvie said.

About 25 people participated in the sixth annual walk.

Clara from Paris, Michigan heard about the walk from friends and felt compelled to take part.

“I think it’s good for this family to be able to have answers to what happened to their family member. If that happened to any of us, we would want answers to it,” she said.

“She was 27 years old when she died. I have kids older than that now. I have a granddaughter that’s almost that old. We got robbed of not having her in our life and I want them to step forward,” Jarvie said.

Judy says she can relate because she had a family member that was murdered.

“It tugged at my heart and I thought, you have to go. I just felt this calling to come. And I’ve been here ever since,” Judy Knuttila said.

Michigan State Police ask anyone with information to come forward.

“There are people out there that have information no matter how insignificant or small they think it may be, it could be important. It could be that one small piece that we need to find who’s responsible for that murder,” investigative sergeant, Mike Stephens with Michigan State Police said.

Lana says she’s not giving up until the case is closed.

“She was a small town girl, she didn’t stick out there and people like that just tend to disappear, and I don’t want that to happen until after this murder is solved.”