Hometown Tourist: Shadetree Stained Glass Studio in Petoskey

Creating stained glass is an art form that has a long history and many will associate with historic churches and cathedrals.

In downtown Petoskey there’s a bright home that displays beautiful works of stained glass, and it’s the working studio and home you can visit of a well-known stained glass artist.

David Lyden and Erin Malone take you to Shadetree Stained Glass Studio in Petoskey for this week’s Hometown Tourist.

Penny Kristo has been in the stained glass business for over 40 years, doing restorations and custom work, big and small.

Her studio is also her home. It’s a colorful and bright place that she welcomes people to come visit. You’ll catch in the midst of doing custom pieces or small repairs and learn a lot about this truly beautiful art form.

Shadetree also features other local artists’ bright and colorful pieces.

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