Caberfae Ski Resort Workers Stay Warm Amid Chilly Winter Weather

This is one of the busiest weekend for northern Michigan ski resorts, and the cold won’t stop people from being out on the slopes.

We found Irving Scott at the top of one of the ski runs at Caberfae, he’s been doing this job for 18 years. He’s found one strategy to staying warm has stood the test of time.

“Well you gotta layer up, good, Under Armour stuff, heavy sweaters, keep your collar up and a scarf helps, good insulated gloves, mine have gortex in them, exercising always, I get to shovel my ramp and that helps me stay warm,” said Scott.

Ski conditions will be ideal this weekend, and lift operators like Irving will be watching skiers carefully.

“We tell them to watch out for frostbite on each other too and we keep an eye out for that too, discoloration of the skin, redness first and then it turns white they could have frost bite,” said Scott.

Down below, chair lift operator Michael Vansimaeys had a different strategy for staying warm on the job.

Warm, heartfelt conversations, with everyone waiting for a ride up,

And we really mean everyone.

“I like to just go back and forth, it just keeps the blood flow going, and then just talking to everybody, that’s pretty much it, just stay active, just stay warm,” said Vansimaeys

Proof that simply loving your job and the people around you can be enough to warm you up even on the coldest of days.